Our Approach

Strategic Solutions to Complex Challenges

Signet is recognized in the real estate industry as a leading innovator in structuring creative approaches to complex real estate projects. From the beginning, our value has always rested in our vision, creativity, and innovation.

Setting the standard for creativity in our approach to financial and project structuring, we provide custom solutions to every challenge. These solutions have led to a long track record of creating financing structures successfully accomplishing objectives that might otherwise be impossible.

Our team recognizes that every client has a specific set of goals and objectives for each project. The Signet team has found that a collaborative, flexible, and hands-on approach will ultimately create the best project outcome. While we leverage our expertise to deliver our thoughts, ideas, and solutions, the hallmark of Signet’s approach is that we will always work collaboratively with our clients to craft the best project solution available.

Signet Real Estate Group

Project Structuring and Finance

Signet Real Estate Group provides a wealth of project finance experience by combining sophisticated transactional support for real estate development and project management.

Direct project debt & equity capital

We provide direct project debt and equity capital for the projects we develop, offering maximum flexibility to the clients we serve. By not being constrained by narrow funding parameters or defined terms, we are able to create some of the most unique structures available in the market.

Captive investment bank

Our real estate experts also have the benefit of utilizing Signet’s captive investment bank, Signet Capital, and the services of Signet Securities.

60 years of investment banking and finance experience

Signet Capital, comprised of a leadership team with more than 60 years of investment banking and finance experience, serves both public and private entities and seeks forms of structured project debt and equity for our projects.

Registered broker-dealer

Signet Securities, a registered broker-dealer, specializes in securitized finance structures for university projects, including taxable bonds, tax-exempt bonds, and credit tenant lease financings. In addition to being a broker-dealer, Signet Securities is a registered municipal financial advisor and works as a P3 advisor in examining the impact on our client’s credit ratings and balance sheets of P3 financing structures.

Collaborative Approach
Maximum Flexibility
Turnkey Solutions

"Signet brings no preconceived solutions to our clients, crafting each project as the best solution available."

- Kevin Belt Signet's Senior Vice President & Managing Director

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