Healthcare | Advocate Bromenn Medical Center // Bloomington, IL Center For Integrated Wellness

106,741 Sq. Ft.
$35,000,000 Total Cost
Completed 2016

Executive Summary

The Center for Integrated Wellness consists of a medically-based fitness center, sports performance institute, imaging center, orthopedic center of excellence, physician offices, and community education area.

The medically-based fitness center is managed by Sequoia Wellness and includes preventative health and wellness programs, helps participants manage health conditions, and recuperate from injuries or illness. Nurses and doctors from Advocate BroMenn Medical Center are involved in all patients’ activities.

Project Details

The Center for Integrated Wellness also serves as the new headquarters for McLean County Orthopedics, the largest orthopedic practice in McLean County, allowing them to consolidate operations into a central location. The final component of the new center is Method Sports Performance, a physician- owned sports performance institute operated by physicians from McLean County Orthopedics.

In addition to its development, Signet financed and manages the center, which is located adjacent to the Advocate BroMenn Outpatient Center in Bloomington, Illinois.


They’ve demonstrated a management expertise and an approach to the market that doesn’t just come in like a traditional health club. It targets healthy behaviors and specific disease states with all these partners.

-John Hesse, Vice President of Business Development for Advocate BroMenn Medical Center and Advocate Eureka Hospital


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