Market Rate Housing | Axis at Ansel // Cleveland, OH Axis at Ansel

143,000 Sq. Ft.
Total Cost $35,000,000
Completed August 2020

Executive Summary

Axis at Ansel, an approximately 143,000 SF, 163-unit housing project anchored by approximately 1,000 SF of street-front retail space brings new life to the corner of Ansel Road and Hough Avenue on the East Side of Cleveland.

Project Details

This community-driven living space is strategically and centrally located within walking distance of the new $500 million Cleveland Clinic Health Education Campus, Case Western Reserve University’s western campus, Louis Stokes VA Hospital, University Circle, and Rockefeller Park, which creates a natural pathway all the way to the Cleveland lakefront.

With Design Partners Moody Nolan and Construction Partners Marous Brothers Construction, Axis at Ansel opened August 2020.

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